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Stille Nacht Reserva 2021

This exceptional beer was aged for 2 years in barriques, then blended and bottled in 33cl bottles.

Less saturation than the 2019, but blissful taste!


Our Reserva is a unique beer made by aging fresh beer in different wine barrels over an extended period of time. This creates a flavor evolution as unique as the barrique on which the beer is aged.

The label of the Reserva (75cl) features the logo of a barrique, with a number indicating which barrique was used for this beer. The number refers to the number written on the wooden barrel. Reservas are replenished monthly with fresh beer to prevent the presence of air in the barrel. A barrel is refilled regularly because some evaporates and some creeps into the wood.

By using all the beer from one barrique for one bottling, we can taste different characters from those specific barrels in each different barrique. To give the Reservas their sparkle and further evolution in the bottle, we use bottle re-fermentation with a champagne yeast. Some barrels are bottled individually, while others are blended to combine flavors. This is always indicated on the label, for example barrique 134.

The taste of each bottle is unique and depends on many factors. Each wooden barrel gives off a unique flavor, and the duration of aging on the barrels can vary from year to year. The barrels themselves are also not the same, so some barrels give off more flavor than others. How the bottle is stored also plays a role in flavor development. It is recommended that the bottle be stored upright and at a cold temperature. Re-fermentation in bottle also gives flavor evolution, but also means that there is still yeast present in the bottle that can lyophilize.

Red wine barrels are used to make the Reserva because they give off a nice flavor that is not overpowering. The barrels come from different countries and regions, including France, Spain and Italy. The barrels are used only once to contain the most flavor.

We hope you will appreciate the unique and intense flavor of our Reservas. We have put a lot of work, time and love into them. Santé!

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